B A R B A R A grew up crisscrossing the US as the child of a Navy pilot and French mother. She earned her BFA from Utah State University, with an emphasis in drawing and sculpture, and continued these studies at Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles. 

Her paintings are frequently sensual and enveloping, as the rhythmic qualities of the paintings are clearly influenced by the role dance plays in her life. Becoming involved in Flamenco shortly after college, she traveled and lived in Spain to pursue this art form. Her love of movement is evident within her compositions, creating a sense of mystery and contemplation.

The work of Roche has become ubiquitous through exhibitions in the United States, and her work is an intrinsic part of many collections, both corporate and private. Through the ambitious strokes of her brushes, her versatility, and ability to work in a variety of media (including encaustic, oils, mixed media, etc.), Roche ensures that her work will continue to be admired nationally by a large audience.

Barbara currently lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Barbara Roche